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Maxi Grow Fertilizer by Val Agro for Tomato, Fruits and Vegetables

Organic fertilizer is one of integral part of sustainable agriculture. Use of organic fertilizer is considered natures friendly or eco-friendly. There is much scope for organic fertilizer development and market.

Val agro presents range of organic fertilizers under the brand name if Maxi Crop which are useful for growing tomatoes, other fruits and vegetables.

Maxicrop granular Tomatoes is an organic-mineral fertilizer based on herbal extracts of natural origin. It is a natural fertilizer to grow tasty and healthy tomatoes.

Its formula is enriched with potassium and magnesium that enhance flavor and color of the fruits, while calcium increases their hardness.

Maxicrop Vegetables & Fruits is a natural fertilizer to grow tasty and healthy vegetables and fruits.

The microgranules formulation of Maxicrop Vegetables & Fruits guarantees a gradual release of nutrients which provide healthy and tasty fruits and vegetables.

Source: Val Agro