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High Yield Technology by Agrinos Increases Umoe Bioenergy Sugarcane Operations in Brazil

The application of Agrinos High Yield Technology biological crop inputs on Umoe Bioenergy large-scale Brazilian sugarcane operations resulted in significant increases in yields. The increase came from substantial increases in both tons of sugarcane produced per hectare and total sugar produced per ton of cane harvested in treated areas.

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Tobacco biofuel, Sustainable Energy from Tyton

Tobacco remains the largest non-food crop on Earth, but due to its addictive and carcinogenic properties when smoked or chewed. Now, a biotech research company-Tyton will manufacture renewable fuel from tobacco plant.

In Danville, Virginia — the beating heart of tobacco country — Tyton BioEnergy Systems has developed both a patented “energy” leaf tobacco plant and a patented chemical extraction process to produce a plethora of biofuels and green chemicals. Tyton expects to compete with petroleum at $40 per barrel and to outperform other leading biomass feedstocks as a low-cost, sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

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Biodiesel-Renewable Energy for Sustainable Agriculture

Biodiesel is becoming widely available in most parts of the U.S. and can be substituted for petroleum-based diesel fuel (“petro diesel”) in virtually any standard unmodified diesel engine. Biodiesel offers many advantages over petroleum-based diesel:

It is made from domestically produced and renewable agricultural products, mainly vegetable oil or animal fat.

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Off Grid Renewable Energy

To substantially improve living standards, sustainable farming is not enough, access to modern energy is also crucial. Lack of access to modern energy is generally recognized as the biggest obstacle to sustainable development. The International Energy Agency 2010 report on energy poverty stated: “Lack of access to modern energy services is a serious hindrance to economic and social development and must be overcome if the UN Millennium Development goals (MDGs) are to be achieved.” This view is echoed in the report of the 6th Annual Meeting of the African Science Academy Development Initiative (ASADI) : “Access to modern energy services, defined as electricity and clean cooking fuels, is central to a country’s development.”

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How to use energy efficiently for Sustainable Agriculture?

Farmers have the unique opportunity to help mitigate climate change and water shortages in a number of ways: improving water-use efficiency, enhancing on-farm water retention, reducing on-farm demand, restoring habitat, protecting open space, increasing soil organic matter and soil moisture, sequestering carbon, and generating on-farm renewable energy from sources such as livestock waste.

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