Sustainable Agriculture News

OEFFA offers beginning farmer training program for sustainable agriculture businesses.

The Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) is now accepting applications for Heartland Farm BeginningsĀ®, a community-based, farmer-led, field-tested, in-depth farmer training program which helps beginning farmers create successful sustainable agriculture businesses.

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Indi-Roots Launches F2C Initiative to Boost Organic Produce.

Indi-Roots Rural Enterprises LLP is an initiative led by eminent experts.It announced launch of its unique F2C (Farmers2Consumer) business framework to streamline, stimulate and aggregate produce via advanced farm management and local partnerships.

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Biopesticide firm-IPM launches in UK

Real IPM UK announced its launch and outlined to a range of potential investors our plans to bring biopesticides and other IPM products to market in Europe.

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Advance Fuel Cell Renewable Energy Production by US

The Energy Department released a new report that shows the fuel cell industry is continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate, totaling more than $2.2 billion in sales in 2014. In order to further expand on this emerging market, the Department also announced the investment of more than $20 million in 10 projects to advance fuel cell and hydrogen technologies, and enable early adoption of fuel cell applications such as light-duty fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). These projects will accelerate American innovation in clean energy technologies by supporting research and development advancements that will reduce our nationā€™s dependence on foreign oil and cut harmful carbon emissions.

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Sustainable Farming Fund by New Zealand Government

The Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) provides funds for applied research and projects led by farmers, growers, or foresters. 29 new projects have been approved for $7.8 million in new funding over four years through the Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF).

These are grass-root projects that support farmers, growers and foresters to tackle shared problems and develop new opportunities. They will deliver real economic, environmental and social benefits.

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