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Recent testing shows earth alive Soil Activator boosts yield of medical marijuana

Earth Alive Clean Technologies is pleased to announce new research results showing that its patented microbial biofertilizer increases the productivity of medical marijuana plants. “Third-party testing has already shown that Earth Alive’s Soil Activator is able to increase production in a wide range of crops, boosting root growth, chlorophyll production, and ultimately yield,” said Dr. Viviane Yargeau, Chief Technology Officer of Earth Alive.

Medical marijuana plants grown with Soil Activator produced 28% more than plants grown with standard fertilization alone. “The demand for medical marijuana is increasing rapidly, and competition for that business is going to be fierce,” said Vince Ennis, Vice President of Business Development. “Licensed growers who can generate more products within their existing infrastructure will have the competitive advantage as patients seek suppliers with a consistent, high quality product at a market competitive price.” Mr. Ennis further added, “The Soil Activator sales and licensing program has been set up and is already available for medical marijuana growers across North America.”

Multiple trials were conducted within the facilities of a licensed medical marijuana grower, and positive results were achieved in all experiments. Soil Activator was mixed with substrate prior to transplantation of the clones. To control variability, all transplants came from the same parent, were grown in controlled temperature and light conditions, and received an industry standard fertilization program.

Michael Warren, Vice President of Agriculture, concluded, “Soil Activator uses biology to exceed what growers have achieved using chemistry alone. Microbiology mediates the relationship between a plant and its substrate, and Soil Activator puts targeted functional biology right where the plant will benefit from it most: at the root.”

The Soil Activator product is fully CFIA registered, and Ecocert certified organic.

Source: Earth Alive Clean Technologies