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AFS Seminar Focuses on Sustainable Forest Management

To ensure the sustainability, environmental security and legality of products used in the housing and construction industries, the government and public building authorities are placing greater emphasis on Australian standards in their regulations.

The CEO of Australian Forestry Standard Ltd, Simon Dorries said, “In the world of building and construction, standards help to classify best practices, methods and technical requirements for a safe and sustainable built environment." He is organising a sustainable timber in building seminar at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne on November 24.

The seminar will focus on subjects ranging from timber as an environmentally positive material, green star programs and new and innovative wood products to sustainable forest management, environmental product declaration and issues such as finishing, staining and product stability. The seminar will update industry on AFS chain-of-custody standards that track certified material from the forest to the final product.

The keynote speakers will be Tony Arnel, global director of sustainability with Norman Disney & Young and a former chair of the World Green Building Council. Mr Arnel was founding director of the Green Building Council of Australia and is a life fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects.

“The simple act of sourcing or purchasing an Australian-branded product can have far-reaching positive implications, not least in terms of sustainable consumption,” said Mr Dorries.

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