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Indi-Roots Launches F2C Initiative to Boost Organic Produce

With the motto of “Farm to warehouse to store”, rural focus fast-tracked start-up aims to facilitate wealth to the cultivator, health to the consumer.

Indi-Roots Rural Enterprises LLP is an initiative led by eminent experts. An industry veteran in sustainable agriculture widely recognized nationally and internationally. It announced launch of its unique F2C (Farmers2Consumer) business framework to streamline, stimulate and aggregate produce via advanced farm management and local partnerships.

“Am extremely delighted, as Indi-Roots has been designed to address the key pain-points in organic farming in India. Almost 80-85% of organic produce is sold as “usual” commodity with no premium gain to the farmers due to lack of organic supply chain support. Our inclusion model ensures, transforming the cultivator into a rural entrepreneur thereby making him an integral stakeholder in our complete value proposition,” said Dr Ramanjaneyulu, Co-founder, Indi-Roots.

Indi-Roots has devised comprehensive module for complete organic produce food basket, and end-to-end farm management, with thorough research and ground-level reality check for over two years. To generate quality organic produce and also being offered rural entrepreneurship skills, Certified Scientific Organic Farmers (CSOF) is trained by Indi-Roots.

“Our passion towards making India a smarter agrarian economy is the silver lining; we aspire Indi-Roots to achieve. India today, is at the cusp of leap-frogging economic excellence with a starkly widening urban-rural disconnect. Lack of opportunities in rural areas, defocussed approach, lack of information etc. are some of the reasons why Indian farmers prefer to send their children to settle outside of their own village. This void is a serious threat to the country’s agricultural produce index. At Indi-Roots, we aim to nurture rural entrepreneurs and establish a decentralized marketplace for each cultivator to independently manage his produce and sales,” said Tulsi Tawari, who is author and an entrepreneurial expert, Co-founder, Indi-Roots, while speaking on the occasion.

Indi-Roots has gone live in parts of Andhra Pradesh with Hyderabad being the focal point, with over 1000+ cultivators certified as CSOF.

An overwhelming response is being received by the local bodies and numerous Krishi Kendra’s in the Maharashtra, state being a prime target area for Indi-Roots. Indi-Roots plans to set a boom in the organic produce demands from the consumers, with mega procurements plans for the Kharif Season (Sept-Oct 2016). Backed by planned IT initiative and support infrastructure, Indi-Roots is being expanded to include logistics planning from “farm to warehouse to store”.